“A life without a price tag lacks value, and whoever is not valued cannot be relevant.”

Putting a price tag on your life simply means creating a life full of value and dignity.

It is also a way of becoming conscious of what proceed out of your mouth and how it positively influence your environment.

Having established what it means to put a price tag on your life, it is Paramount to seek to know what it takes to put a price tag on your life and how to remain relevant, irrespective of your chosen career or profession.

For instance, there are various beverages at the market/store, but the price tag differs, the most potent and of great quality possess the highest price tag. Therefore, you must not appear or present yourself so cheap.

This invariably means that there are many people who have put a price tag on themselves, you should not only put a price tag on your life but be more relevant to your world, this is the era of quality, people go for the best and the most packaged products, because many people are doing what you are doing or what you are about to do. Therefore, it is a must to do it the best way so as to attract the best and this will make you to be more relevant.

“You cannot be loaded with great value and not be needed by relevant people in great places”


  1. Seek Wisdom: in the race of putting a price tag on your life, wisdom must be your companion. Wisdom leads you in making critical decisions on how, when and where to put a price tag on yourself. Your strength alone may fail you, but wisdom will not.
  1. Be Time Conscious: there is a time limit for whatever you have to do. Don’t delay! This is the best time to add value to yourself, a time will come when there will be no opportunity to do so. DO IT NOW!
  2. Do not be satisfied with your present level of attainment: life is not static, therefore, if you want to remain relevant in the space of time, you must constantly improve your life through reading, learning, unlearning and relearning.
  3. Work on yourself: this is very important, putting a price tag on your life requires hard work and constant working on yourself. Identify your strength and weakness.

The level at which you work on your life will determine the level of your relevance in all your endeavour.

In conclusion, putting a price tag on your life is being mindful of your path, because your price tag is the value and relevance you possess.

“Your value determines your price tag. Your price tag is the determinant of your relevance in life.”


Temitayo Abudu

Disruptive Coach

The Glossophobia


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