Self-improvement: Key to a better future

It is not how much you know that matters, it is how well you are able to improve yourself with what you know.

Temitayo Abudu

Self Improvement simply means learning something new in our life as well as adding  something new in our lifestyle. Self improvement is a plan to help you create the life you truly want for  yourself. It helps you keep your priorities and what you want most from your life in perspective so you feel like you have more purpose and fulfillment. Self Improvement  is a lifelong/ lifetime process of learning, relearning and unlearning.

It is important to work on ourselves, as it helps  to fulfil the goals of life. Because our Journey on Earth is to make impact and not just to exist, we must live well and ensure we leave a legacy that will outlive us.

Furthermore, for us to increase our chances of getting to the Pinnacle of our career, self improvement is of great importance, as it will also help us to earn wealth and maintain relevance where and when it matters most.


Below are simple ways we can experience self improvement

  1. Keep distance from Negative persons.
  2. Challenge yourself every day to do better and be better.
  3. Remember, growth starts with a decision to move beyond your present circumstances. 4. Trust the process and never compromise your standard

As I began to coast home, no matter your acquisition of knowledge, applying it to your life is what makes a great difference. Never permit mediocrity to dictate the outcome of your life, rather consistently checkmate your actions and inactions, for this is the only way improvement will be eminent in your life. I must say that the future start now and whatever seed you sow in thyself will greatly be a determinant of your future.

Above all, Start now and start well!

Remember, you are all that you choose to be.



Temitayo Abudu

Disruptive Coach

The Glossophobia


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