Unveiling Deborah Ohamara on StageRave Entertainment

Do you want to listen to a song that was done and composed during the lethargic days of covid19 lockdown? Then “Decisions” will be it, as it was never planned but upon making dinner a combination of stories were put together to form that cool but interesting song.

With the skillful beats and dramatic drums employed by my producer, Greenwox, the beauty of each line in the song unfolds with every second.

For the Nigerian girl, who has been in love, from the point of crushing to that of longing, only to be held back by the culture of not making a move first until the man on his own beckons, the song Osarome provides a beautiful appeal with the Afrobeat like touch. “Desmond Fire” produced and mixed the song.

You may not have to seat for too long without moving a muscle.

Upside down was produced by Greenwox too, it  speaks about the irony of life when some people may judge you based on the optics, only for the game to change to their surprise.

There are more songs on the EP that you will not want to miss.

Time on the other hand is a reminder of the import of time and why it shouldn’t be wasted, not for anything, still produced by “Desmond Photizo brown”

And the final one is the prayer, produced by Mekoyo, as we all witness different degrees of pain all around the word, the need for prayer becomes necessary as we call on the divine to rescue the helpless.

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