New EP From Wale Rey “WALK WITH ME”

Walk With Me is a body of work that speaks volume of WALE REY’s robust musical background with rich contents and conscious messages that represents the awesomeness of REY as an artiste, musician and songwriter.

 Greatest Of My Kind (GOMK)

This song talks about me living my life to the full, fulfilling purpose and living a stress free life.

 Baba God

This song is an affirmation and prayer for God to walk me through the journey of life.

 Change It

This is a song to create possibilities for true change, making people attain clarity, becoming impactful to a dying world.

 One More Time

This song was captured from my past romantic relationship. How I messed up and tried everything possible to make it up to my ex. Loved her deeply but I guess love isn’t enough!

 Gbona Feli

This song was birthed at the Lowest point of my life. I was very worried and anxious. Finally found strength and I encouraged myself to keep going. Inspiring the world to do so always.

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