NEW SINGLE : What Can I Give To You by Jimi Praise

Reflecting on my life’s journey reveals multiple landmarks of the goodness and faithfulness of my Heavenly Father, the awesome and Almighty God.

Through the dark channels and gloomy tunnels of trials, challenges and life’s vicissitudes, His love and comfort resonates.

Where would I be without His Presence in my life and destiny? If He was never there 100% I don’t know where I would have been.

This Great and Glorious God went all the way to bring to fulfillment His plan and purpose for my life and He’s still doing it! He took out obstacles; removed hindrances; silenced contenders; eliminated impostors and; repositioned me for His Praise and Adoration! Hallelujah!

 If I were to praise Him for eternity, it still wont be enough, that is why I sang in this song “Time ain’t enough”. If I give all the money in the world, it still won’t be enough.

What can I ever give to this Mighty God who loves me beyond measures and unimaginably?

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