Renowned Nigerian Artiste Essence Unveils Inspiring Gospel Anthem “Who You Are”

Essence, the highly acclaimed Nigerian singer-songwriter with over two decades of experience, is set to bless her audience once again with her soul-stirring new gospel single, “Who You Are.” Following her immense success in the music industry, Essence continues to push boundaries and inspire listeners with her exceptional vocal prowess and soul piercing lyrics.

“Who You Are” is a remarkable testament to Essence’s spiritual experience and her unwavering faith. The song delivers a powerful message of hope, gratitude, and trust in God. With her distinct and captivating voice, Essence takes listeners on an uplifting journey, inviting them to reflect on their spiritual journey and embrace the unchanging nature of God’s love.

As a seasoned artiste, Essence’s talent shines through every note, effortlessly weaving together heartfelt melodies and soul stirring lyrics. Her ability to connect with her audience on a deeply spiritual level is truly a blessing, and “Who You Are” is a testament to her remarkable encounter in her journey with God.

Essence’s career has been marked by numerous achievements and accolades. With hit songs like “African Queen,” “Facebook Love,” “Giving It All,” and her gospel album the shift reloaded has cemented her place as one of Nigeria’s most celebrated female artistes. Throughout her career, Essence has demonstrated her versatility by exploring various genres and collaborating with top industry talents.

With “Who You Are,” Essence aims to inspire and uplift the body of Christ, providing them with a spiritual anthem that resonates with their hearts and souls. The song’s timeless message of faith and the unwavering love of God is sure to strike a chord with listeners of all backgrounds.

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