“People most times value you based on the potency of your word,”……     Temitayo Abudu

 The words we speak are powerful because it is a force that forms our life and career.

“In the school of destiny, the word we speak is in direct proportion to who we become.” That is the reason everyone must tame their tongue. And at all times speaks words that elevate, encourage, inspire and strengthen others.

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As the years go by, I realize that where we are today is traceable to the words we spoke yesterday.

Having said this, people know how much you value yourself by listening to what you say.  People are often ignorant of this. They dress well, look good but when they open their mouth to speak, they spit venom that destroys their future and that of people around them.

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When you encounter such people run far away from them before they release destructive words into your destiny. 

They feel so concerned about how they look outwardly but the words of their mouth are not in alignment with their appearance.

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Also, whenever you feel depressed and seems all hope is lost be mindful of what you say. Words are powerful and it is a weapon that was given to men so they can control their own future.

It all depends on how you train yourself, therefore your words become your positive image and invaluable worth.

Above all, instead of negative words, speak positive words; for there lies the courage to face life difficult situations, confront the mountain of your life and approach the impossibilities of your surroundings.

Your worth is attached to your word

And your word is the outcome of your thought:

Your thought manufactures your world

And your world is your life.


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