“The choices you made yesterday are the reflection of the life you are living today,” – Termite Abudu

Succeeding in life depends on so many factors. One of such factors is our association. Associating with people or groups influences the pattern with which people think and act. One can trace this influence to the groups or people they associate with. So your association could either influence you to succeed or fail.

The fact remains that no relationship leaves you neutral. It either leaves you better or worse than you were before you started the relationship.

According to an online dictionary, an association is a group of people organised for a joint purpose. It is a connection or cooperative link between people or organisation. While a destination is a place to which someone or something is going or being sent.
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The outcome of Life depends on the choices we make because we don’t live by chance but rather, we live by choice. This applies to the association we find ourselves; your association will either make or mar your destiny.

You do not choose your family members and your country of birth, but you are solely responsible for who becomes your friend.


The onus is on you to choose those who will add value to your life.

Some associations are made up of people mediocre in their chosen field, unmotivated, ingrate and full of low self-esteem. They lack the ability to create and think ahead, unchallenging towards self-development and growth and faithless.

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If you continue to move with such people sooner than later, you will end up being like them.

A popular known Anonymous quote says:  “You are free to make whatever choice you want, but you are not free from the consequences of the choice.”  Your decision about your association today will determine your next destination in a few years to come.

However, as someone who has experienced the enriching outcome of positive association and otherwise, I advise you to choose people with an excellent spirit, who are courageous, determined, loving, generous, hardworking, passionate about making a positive influence, talented, diligent, prayerful and result oriented.

Please note that if you don’t know where precisely you are going every stop will look like your final destination.

Finding yourself in the company of individuals with the aforementioned positive attributes will create an avenue for personal development and as well bring about fulfilment in the journey of life.

More so, the community we belong to is a determinant and part of our association. You have the power to control the influence that comes from your community by guarding your heart and sieving what out.

Decide now to determine your next destination.

Above all, “look at your closest association they have the highest level of influence on you.” 

By: Termite Abudu 

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