Life is so real and you get the outcome of your decisions. Sometimes I feel stuck when I am overwhelmed with challenges. These feelings often give me the urge to give up. Over time, I have come to realize that there are lots of lessons to learn from my tough time. These lessons somewhat prepare a way in the future, answers certain questions and gives me a deeper perspective on life. With this understanding, I have come to embrace my tough times and learn from it. The state of your mind and the realness of life should propel you to go forward in life. The battle is won or lost only in your head.

Let’s face it…it’s hard to even stand in the midst of challenges let alone move forward. The fact that you are still standing is an attestation that you have the ability to overcome. Keep standing no matter where the storm of life moves you to. There is absolutely no better way except you forge ahead. You will make headway when you confront your struggles rather than burying your head in the sand and pretending that all is fine. There is always a way forward when we open our minds and co-opt creative initiatives to go through our shortcomings. There is always a way when we refuse to give up and keep on keeping on. There is always a way! Instead of brooding over our snags, let us make victory the centre of attention. It is impossible to start something you don’t believe is possible. So if you are stuck and worried how to make headway, I’d advise you to devise a genuine goal, and stick with it. A conceivable goal is an achievable goal. A good goal requires discipline but promises great reward.  If you are having a hard time in monetary discipline, analyze your earnings and set goals towards it.

Go ForwardGo Forward

When we build an unapparent attitude of disengagement from materialistic pursuits; we will be quitting the rat race to secure a simple life; thereby becoming wise stewards of our money. The vain pursuits for materialism have left a number of us stuck and bankrupt. Financial liberty is attainable if you are prepared to be self-disciplined. You cannot overcome without being trialled. Your trials, oppositions and setbacks will help you appreciate your victory. Learning from your past mistake lays the foundation for your success. When you learn intentionally, moving forward becomes inexorable. Your testing phase is a learning phase that will surely pass. In other words, fail, learn and go forward. Keep a grateful and humble attitude when handling challenges. Refuse to give up on your journey as you press past the difficulties you encounter. Fight the battle from the place of victory by utilizing the capacity of your inborn potential as you improve on it. Don’t forget to keep your walls up. Build some walls of protection if the storms of life have let you wearied and debilitated. Guard your heart and your mind against negative and needless distractions because nothing can hold you back if you get your heart and your mind to work together. However, be prepared for oppositions and obstructions. Don’t expect a smooth journey all through life. Be courageous to face your troubles when life gives you a bumpy ride. 

Don’t tarry any longer. Delay is dangerous.

Go forward and fulfil all that you are called to be.

Life is a journey, not a destination… so GO FORWARD!!!

 © 2018 Justina Samuel-iwok. All rights reserved.


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