“Whatever you can see is what you will declare, whatever you declare is what you will become,”    – Temitayo Abudu

 The word proton means to remain positive. It could also mean being positively minded at all times.

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A proton is a positive electric charge that stabilizes the atom. Everyone in needs a stabilizer and that is why you need to become a proton. If everything in a man becomes positive then there is a problem because progress now looks like a distant dream.

Becoming a proton is not mere dreaming, it is an act that one must constantly practice, the more it is being practised and the more you become conscious of its potency. The more potent it becomes in our way of life, the faster it becomes a habit in you.

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It is a known fact that things are changing which, means we must as a matter of necessity understand the dynamics of our changing world.


Therefore, anyone who so desires a positive change in his/her journey must learn to become a proton. To function as a proton, you some must constantly speak positively into the affairs of his life and as well take positive actions which will bring about meaningful lifestyle.

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Dear reader, it’s of utmost importance a proton by speaking that which is good into your life, your finance, family, marriage and spiritual wellbeing, just to mention a few.

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You owe no apology to negativity, be positive and positivism will always dwell in your abode. May I also let you know that those who speak positively always even in a difficult moment will not only reap the reward, alone, even their generation yet unborn will be a benefactor.

Be an agent for positive change; start by declaring words, then make sure you act out your thoughts. Unfortunately, many are so used to the negativity that it has become practically impossible to recognize positive opportunity when it presents itself to them.

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For me, I have decided to be a proton. I remain positive even though my current situation may not be the best.  And I’ll be positive no matter the circumstances. I say no to negative thought. 


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