“In the journey of life, you cannot be chosen and not be useful,” — Temitayo Abudu. The word “chosen” means to be selected or picked. It can further mean to be specially appointed  for a task.

Providence has bequeathed on many of us in this generation to search for solutions to issues in our societies and the world at large. Therefore, every one of us, have been chosen for a reason.

Our assignment may differ, but the goal of the creator is for us to make our world a meaningful place for all to dwell.

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Being alive now is never a mistake; It is for a reason determined by the creator who holds the manual of our destiny.

God has invested in humanity that it becomes a disrespect to His kingdom to see us being futile with no substantial impact.

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Today, many people exist instead of living; one can trace this to their lack of impact on humanity. The onus is on you to go back to your maker with all sense of humility to seek why he chose you to be alive at such a time like this. Surely, God will lead you to a path that points to a better ending.

Those who God chose are the ones with the mandate to be light amid darkness and an agent of hope to the hopeless.

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It is important to note that God chose you for a unique reason different from that of others. It is worrisome that many are busy following the crowd when they can be the solution that people are seeking.

Let me quickly share with you that forensic science has confirmed the uniqueness of the human body. Every one of the 7.8 billion people on earth has unique fingerprints and lines on the palm, meaning that everyone can be identified by their voice modulation, saliva, eyes and hair.

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Drawing from the illustration above, your uniqueness is a pointer to the fact that your existence is for a reason.

Moreso, you must be useful before you can become impactful. So, it is imperative to equip yourself productively.

Below are keys that will enhance your usefulness.

Embrace Your Creator: Never neglect the place of God in your life. He is the instructor and guidance of your destiny. Honour God at all the times and men will surely honour you.


Information: informationThe level of information at your disposal determines the level of your relevance. Thus, strengthen yourself with valid and useful information while avoiding junks which could become a virus to your system.


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No matter the level of your achievement in life, you must remain humble, ability to do this will continuously validate your usefulness among men.


Be Reliable: reliabilityReliability is the bedrock of sustainability, for you to remain useful, you must constantly practice, and make reliability your habit especially towards your God. When God is pleased with you, there is nothing he cannot entrust in you.


Be Professional:

For you to continue to be useful in the area that God has chosen you, there is a need to practise professionalism.

There are some distinct attributes about those that have been chosen. These include:



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1. Display of Great Wisdom

2. Special Ability, Expertise and Mastery of their Trade

3. Teachable Mindset

I put it to you, never look down on yourself or see yourself as an ordinary person, rather believe you are a chosen vessel designed by God for a unique reason.

“Don’t strive for the acceptance of the world, instead strive for acceptance of the Lord who created the world.” — Evelyn Femi-Paul.

Above all, only God can take you out of the crowd and make you an agent of positive and uncommon manifestations.

Thank you for reading through.


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