Your events deserve more than just a DJ, it deserves a live performance from an artiste. We know that you might be finding it difficult to connect with your desired artistes. This is why we took the time to help you handle the challenge that comes with booking an artiste to come and perform at your event.

All you need to do is to visit our website and take the following steps:  

1. Identify the artiste of your choice.

2. Click on booking enquiries.

3. Schedule an appointment, fill the form and leave a special instruction choosing your preferred artiste.

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Then we will take it from there.


A member of our in-house team will contact you to complete the process.

This week, we have highlighted a few of the artists we believe will be of great service to your event; they are:

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1. Infinity 2. Drizzle 3. Dtone Martins 4. John Agoha 5. Mahansa 6. FGreen

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Don’t be limited by these four visits find out more on the agency page

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