K’oluwa koso” Is a solemn song of prayer, direction and hope for Nigeria and her leaders. In the song, Yinka Davies prayed and painted a belief that the situation of Nigeria will soon become better and pleasing for everyone.

Yinka Davies put together brilliant musical instruments and thoughtful Yoruba proverbs to confirm the belief that the country will definitely be a better place.

“K’oluwa koso” is a song with deep messages, Listen and enjoy.


About Yinka Davies

Yinka Davies (born July 16, 1970) is a Nigerian vocalist, dancer, lyricist and judge of reality show, Nigerian Idol. Yinka has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry for 28 years.

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Background Information

Father – Benin Republic/Sierra Leone Lisabi clan who moved to Lagos because he was originally from Nigeria.

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Mother – from Ikorodu, Lagos State…

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