The soul of Man is the seat of satisfaction, fulfilment, peace, and joy. This means that the entire existence of Mankind is invested in the soul.

Contrary to popular opinion, the soul lies not within Man’s spiritual constitution but outside, serving as an external ethereal cord that connects Man to the Divine creator. This cord (soul) comprises everything physical and spiritual in Creation:  Human beings, Animals, Plants, Insects, Air, Water, Sand, one’s talents and gifts, creativity etc.

Embrace, preserve and nurture any one of these things and your life will be filled with an indefinable peace, fulfilment, and joy. Disregard, harm or destroy them on the other hand and you will be filled with emptiness, restlessness, confusion, and misery. 

Man was created to keep, preserve, and nurture all of creation and not to destroy it. This is Man’s purpose on earth. When one harms or destroys any of these, he indirectly destroys himself. He does this by destroying the purpose that gives him life, sustains him and connects him to the Divine Creator. Hence he loses his soul. 

And he who has no soul is a dead man walking.

Written by: Maximus Rex Umeh

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