“There is no problem in any area of life; the only problem is the lack of wisdom.” – Mike Murdock

It is important to seek wisdom to be relevant in all we do, especially as it concerns our career and daily endeavours.

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Wisdom is the most potent instrument that wins the battle in the city of problems, which brings undeniable greatness.

When a man likes wisdom, he gets sidelined.

Wisdom makes a man to use his knowledge and think before taking an action.

No one is born with wisdom, but through the right application of knowledge anyone can learn to be wise.

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It is a known fact that wisdom is the principal in the school of experience.

Challenges will come, things will look almost impossible, but it takes wisdom to scale through in the face of adversity.

Dear amiable reader, the essence of this article is to motivate you to take action and make things work out for good in your life.

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Knowledge is power, but when you don’t apply what you know, then its power becomes ineffective.

Wisdom is both the ability to discern what is best and the strength of character to act upon that knowledge.


Above all, wisdom is the shining light that illuminates everyone around you even after you are far gone after existence.

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You are great!

You are a shining light

The world await your manifestations

Never stop in your quest for wisdom

Keep moving

Yes you can!

Temitayo Abudu

Temitayo Abudu
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