To conquer means to be victorious and to refuse to bow to defeat.

Most times we all experience this level of victory in our daily lives.

But guess what?

People whose victory are resounding are those the society talk about citing them as everyday examples.

Such people are referred to as “more than a conqueror.”

They have developed capacity and confidence that empower them to transform whatever situation they find themselves into a stunning feat.

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I’m positive you will like to know the secret behind their amazing victory. 

For proper understanding, let’s define someone who is more than a conqueror.

To be more than a conqueror means to win overwhelmingly beyond a regular victory.

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In life, we get accosted by several enemies, one of such adversaries is fear. Experiencing fear when confronted by challenges or difficulty is a natural human response. But despite the fear, we have to match on with courage.

It was in this light that Franklin D. Roosevelt, a former American President quotes, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is important than fear.”

The fact remains that life brings many lives-defeating, struggles, joy-stealing attacks to frighten and threaten us from gaining our victories. 

Against all odds, learn to stand firm and recognise who you are.  This can only come through a profound and deep understanding of yourself.


Being more than a conqueror means facing the trials of life with the certainty you will surely overcome. To become more than a conqueror, you need to build your level of confidence, recognising that you can defeat any manner of struggles or difficulties life brings to your table. We have ingrained in us all we need to vanquish.

A positive mind is the best inner resource we have, it strengthens us when we get disturbed by adversity; it keeps our focus on the victory ahead and it helps to protect and build our inner confidence.

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You become a conqueror only when you fight and don’t give up. Never forget you are fighting from the position of victory. In this game of life, you only lose if you quit. Never quit, you need to be persuaded that victory is certain.

We Are More than Conquerors

Your victory may tarry but be rest assured that you will win. You are more than a conqueror because absolutely nothing will separate you from your God-given victory.

Victory is certain because you can face the most difficult challenges, the most horrifying enemies and the most upsetting unpleasant experience with confidence.


Justina Samuel-Iwok is the Author of the ‘English Idiom Glossary’ and a Director at StageRave Publishers. She is driven by the duty and commitment to serve, inspire, motivate, impart and make the world a better place by utilizing and maximizing her creative talents.

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