Jimi praise an amiable gospel singer, who has the oil and the grace of God, tells a story about the love and greatness of God in her unique way.

Jimi praise with such irresistible vocal power released her debut album titled “never seen such love” with hit tracks in December 2015.

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Jimi is here again with another captivating song of tranquil and total reverence to the one who sits on the throne a new single titled “holy” produced by one house music & sound. 

Please join us as we cast down our crowns and cry holy to the king of kings.


Watch the video here:


OLUWAJIMI PRAISE, an amiable gospel folk singer was born to the family of late Rev & Mrs Adeyemi in the City of Bauchi. She has always had the oil and grace of God to tell stories about the love and greatness of God in her own unique way and style in songs.

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listen to the song here:


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