Election time is here again and the whole country is abuzz with election fever. 

But the sour reality is that it has not dawned on most Nigerians that elections are not meant for parties but for individuals within the parties.

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 It is not about PDP or APC etc. It is about who is most capable of serving this country, Nigeria. Mark the word SERVING. Because that is what true leadership is about. Service. 

Unfortunately, however, the reverse has been the case for Nigeria for a very long time. We have been “ruled” (not led) by a bunch of people who keep turning us around in circles with their empty promises, and lies, and deceit for so long that it now seems like we are left with no other choice. 

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They continually foist this insane partisan propaganda upon us. And make us feel, moreover, that we can only choose between two parties; APC and PDP. 


Many Nigerians have literally forgotten that there actually several other parties besides APC and PDP. As such most of us forget that it is not just about these two parties. In fact, it is not about parties at all. Rather, it is about selecting the right person for the job, irrespective of the party he or she belongs to. It doesn’t matter if this person is with one of the other many relatively unknown parties running against PDP and APC. 

Just open your eyes, forget party sentiment, and vote for a true servant of the nation!

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