Must I understand my unique selling point to get ahead in my career?

This could be the question in the heart of many and maybe curious to get a satisfactory answer.

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It is pertinent to note that until you know who you are, you cannot value what you carry.

You are a carrier of values designed by the creator to benefit the world, especially your immediate environment.

On this note, the first step in understanding your unique selling point is to understand your true Identity.

“It is tragic that there are millions of people who live meaningless life. They have everything they need, and some of them do not, yet everything they are dying in them and with them because they do not understand who they are, how to make a meaningful impact and as well make the commitment to effectively present themselves to their world.”

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The world is full of problems and only those who provide solutions will ever be relevant.

This article helps you discover the real you, make you a blessing to your world, and also be a creator of values, for without values no one will ever profit from this world.

Are you ready to expand your horizons?

Are you ready to explore the blessedness of your individualism?

Are you ready to manifest without compromising your standard?

Are you ready to be a blessing?

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If your response to the above questions is YES, then I can boldly say you are on the path to discovering and Understanding your Unique Selling Points. 

This is important because your unique selling points make you superior to others when harnessed properly.


Also, where you are today is a function of what you have in you. 

Blame no one for your present position, rather, start creating a wonderful experience, for that is what will make you stand out.

Unique selling proposition – marketing done right - IONOS

Simple Ways on How to Build Your Unique Selling Points

1. You cannot exceed your capacity; start building capacity, avoid being mediocre.

2. Consciously Invest in yourself, engage in positive Investments, read wonderful books, learn new skills and meet new people who are in the same line as you aspire to become.

3. Associate yourself with people who appreciate what you do.

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4. Run away from people who downplay your ideas?

5. Avoid rat race and develop yourself. You are not in competition with anyone, don’t mention your success by the success of another person everyone has a unique personality.

6. Be your better version, keep improving and be better than who you were yesterday.

7. Relate well with people. You cannot please everybody one of the sure ways to failure is trying to please everyone. Do well to relate well, don’t create an enemy for yourself, be friendly and people will easily relate with you.

8. Know soft skills; this is very Paramount. In my previous article I stated clearly that it is not good to depend only on your academic certificates, learn new skills, develop your talent, and uphold moral character.

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9. Rebrand yourself; branding is one of the best languages with having a unique selling point, let your brand speaks great things about you.

10. Tell yourself the truth about yourself, never deceive yourself and always do that which will make you happy and fulfilled.

In conclusion, life will become more meaningful when we all have a unique selling point, not just to be fulfilled individually, but to create values for the betterment of our generation.

I see you becoming great.

Yes you can

Temitayo Abudu

Author: Temitayo Abudu

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