The popular inspirational gospel group infinity known for their famous hit track Olorioko is at it again.

Infinity had earlier last year released a single track last year and their fans’ response to it has been tremendous to the hit single so far.

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Fans response to the Pali video is a sign that the Oloriko group are ready to deliver more delightful songs for the future.

Watch the Video and highlights of some of their fans comment.

Highlights of Fans Comments

The video has so many comments, here are highlights of a few: 

Pali Video comment highlights




A brief history of Infinity

About fifteen years ago, within the four walls of our school, we met, drawn to each other by our passion for music. We spent most of our spare time together working on melodies and rhymes not knowing that we were being steered by the wheels of destiny.
Today, we have evolved into one of the most prominent groups on the continent of Africa; we are called INFINITY.

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Trending: Fans' Appreciate Infinity Video–Pali


To become a top-notch brand in the field of entertainment, this epitomizes value, excellence, societal responsibility and relevance.


To constantly provide excellent products and services in the entertainment industry.

Style of music

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Infinity’s style of music cannot be boxed into a particular genre since we write songs as inspired, ranging from R&B, Soul, Rock, Afro-Beat, Traditional folk, etc so at best our style of music can be brand as “ECLECTIC”.
Read More: https://stagerave.com.ng/infinity/

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