“The fear of failure is the beginning of failures” – Justina Samuel-Iwok.

Do you think it is queer of me to write an article that is focused on exalting failure?

I don’t think so.Or don’t you think failure deserves some credits or accolades?  I think it sure does.

Just as light was born out of darkness, true success is also born out of failure.

We become better at something when we fail at it.

We often make failure seem like an unenviable and dreaded word.


The thought of failure scares us and it is often misconstrued.

We forget that failure is a temporary experience, an event not a destination.

The question is: “What do we label as failure?”

In my own words, failure is a signal that presents us with a chance to be better than we are through learning and persistence with a commitment that we will never to give up.

Fear of failure hinders and limits us from living life to its fullest.

Our attitude and approach towards failure is a key determinant of how much success we would achieve in life.

We must learn how to succeed by failing.

Just in case you don’t know, life greatest successes were achieved through failure.

Failure or success should never be connected with earnings, self-worth and money.

So just because you didn’t make the targeted amount of money from your last job doesn’t mean you failed. Likewise, you are not defined as being successful because you made a killing.

True and real learning comes when we fail.

Failure exposes us to innovative change and development opportunities thus, helping us to contribute in more significant ways than we never imagine.

We need to change our perspective towards failure. There are hidden golden opportunities beneath the surface of failure.

Our focus, therefore, should be on finding and optimizing this gold, not on the fact often presented to us that we failed.

When we win through losing, our victory becomes more valuable and profound.

The real victory is by trying again and again without giving up.

To optimize the power of failure, we must first change our perspective about failure and success.

Failure doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road or journey. It is a sign that something went wrong because there is a lesson we need to learn which will be useful.

While success is the end result of failure that arises through sustained learning and progress. The way we think plays a significant role in determining our success.

There is a constant need to view failure and success from a positive point of view. Failure inspires success. We must fail to succeed. Failure paves the road to success. The road to success is not an express road; it is bumpy with many pot-holes and hills.

However, we must recognise failure as failure when we choose wrongly i.e. by being unethical, selfish, lack commitment and integrity, inflicting pains on others just to achieve your goal etc. The only time you truly fail is when your hands are not clean.

Written by: Justina Samuel-Iwok.

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