Permit me to tweak one of Adichie’s books, titled: “We should all be feminists” into “We should all operate as champions”.

I made this statement because I know there is a champion in everyone.

Champions have distinctive characteristics that make them stand out in the crowd.
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The world is filled with people who want to make a positive change but limit themselves because of their prevailing circumstances.

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No matter the situation you find yourself, you should never doubt the fact that you’re born with greatness.

Whether you accept or live in ignorance, it does not change the fact that there is a champion in you.

To establish this truth, you need to start by practising what psychologist call cognitive reaffirming. 

This means that amid your challenges you have to continually remind yourself that you are a champion.

You see one quality of a champion is that champions have a fixed mental attitude that positions them as a victor and not a victim. This is the mindset that keeps them standing when they confront challenges.

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We fight every single day to be better, survive, live and push through the walls that limit us from rising. Every one of us faces these challenges because this is the only way we can grow.

And because we must go through this path, we have been designed to conquer when we fight.

Every man born of a woman is wired for greatness.

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Regardless of your background, root, and current situation; you are created with remarkable significant traits of a champion.

Learn from the winners, master their strengths and practice their habits.

The power and ability to win is in you.


You can come up with strong motivation when you fire up your competitive spirit and desire to win.

Often, people attribute little or no value to their self-esteem that suppresses their ability to rise above our circumstances.

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Perhaps, it’s the bleak perception that encourages them to be passive, making them redundant. Hence their potential ability to be champions remain untapped; a gift which may have evolved.

This is the time you need to believe in yourself.

The mind harbour potentials waiting to be harnessed as it is inherently intense and goal-oriented.

A champion lives with the mindset of possibilities even when the chances of winning are minimal, a champion still believes everything is possible with faith. They keep standing and never give into fate. It takes a person who is self-aware to be a great champion.

When you are self-aware, you attribute more value to your self-development in terms of leadership, self-esteem, personality, determination, dedication, self-confidence, tenacity to mention a few.

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Regardless of social imperatives, champions are in the habit of activating a strategy to win no matter how challenging the battle may be.

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They are aware that life’s challenges want them to be the person they do not desire to be.

So they fight to become the exact opposite of what the world tells them they cannot be or do.

They know good will come out of every bad situation, so they focus on the good.

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Champions are people, who have been bruised, stabbed and defeated, but remain unrelenting to give up and move on with their eyes fixed on winning.

I employ you to remain resolute and never quit your race especially now when the world is counting on you.

Today, as you move towards the path to your destiny, I want you to know with no doubt that, “there is a champion in you”.


Justina Samuel-Iwok is the Author of  ‘English Idiom Glossary’ and a director at StageRave Publishers. She is driven by the duty and commitment to serve, inspire, motivate, impart and make the world a better place by using and maximizing her creative talents.

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