The ability to think for yourself is a gift and virtue. Imagine the privileges you enjoy when you are free from external control and overpowering influence. You cannot lead your life and find fulfilment if you are not independent. We are often in the habit of filtering our actions through other people before deciding. 

Independence is a condition or a state of mind that gives us the freedom to exercise self-awareness and sovereignty over our lives. Independence comes with significant responsibilities as you are answerable for your decisions and your state of freedom. This sense of independent responsibility emerges as we acknowledge the power of its virtue to create and sustain progress in a diligent acceptable manner.

While we approach the spark of independence in a new light, it is essential to know when the need to reward yourself for failing because of trying something new. This is so because; it will only take a matured independent mind to dare the odds. The more you keep playing out your bravery and challenging yourself, the less dependent you become. Therefore, the urgent need to stay consistence and persuasive about your thoughts and decision remain paramount.

When we open our minds to complete independence, the disruptive presence of a powerful emotion called fear will taste defeat.  Fear propels a man to depend on his fellow man and precipitates him to be indecisive.

Quite a significant number of people hesitate and shy away from having a dry run at something new because of the fear of failing or getting rejected. You get the chance to create your future when you are independent.

Use your independence to your advantage by making your own decision, focusing on your goals and increasing profitable potentials.

While the practice of interdependency tarries our decision process because it delays the adequate flow of our regular activities, independence attempts not only to address the critical need to stand by our opinions but rather facilitate the relative use of freedom which is inherently imbalanced.

It would be an inaccurate assumption to think or say independence in a developing nation like our country underpins the way we handle external influence and control; while, the role of dependency in offering biased objectives does not equate to reality.

independence independence

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It is undoubtedly true that independence helps to offer unbiased resolutions, generate logical advice and ensure that you always act in your best interests.

Living an independent life becomes both challenging and more comfortable when we allow people to decide for us. Independence does not mean you do not need people or rely on yourself, rather it means you have to own and trust yourself to be competent in situations you confront by trusting your knowledge and its ability to handle any challenge, as a result, the burden you place on your family and friends are reduced. Also, it is not advisable to keep relying on people to solve each of your problems as you need to adapt and stay ahead of changes.

Embracing your independence will help you focus your decisions on your values, providing you with the confidence you seek to pursue your God-given destiny.

Today, I employ you to not just celebrate Nigeria’s Independence but your freedom to think, decide, act, experiment, fail, succeed, and express yourself.

Now, more than ever is the time to affirm your independent.

The road to independence leads to felicity.

StageRave Nigeria wishes you a very Happy Independence Day

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