Music is a universal language, one that everyone understands. Also, it transcends every racial, religious, ethnic and cultural boundaries. 

In fact, there is no greater force of unification than music. Only sports comes a close second. 

Bearing in mind that the country is tittering on the edge of disintegration, it will be prudent for Musicians and recording artistes to produce more songs that will help foster unity.

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Most especially, celebrity artistes in Nigeria whom so many people look up to for inspiration. 


I cannot help but point out that, as much as these artistes are rolling out hit songs, there are not enough songs out there that will sensitize Nigerians about the importance of love and unity. 

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There is not a better time to use the unifying power of music than now. This article is for those who love this beautiful land, Nigeria, and who wish for this country to remain intact.

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As for the artistes, with celebrity comes great power, and with great power comes great responsibility. 

It falls on you now to use your influence through your music to help maintain unity and love in our beloved country.

Written by: Max Umeh

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