Our belief system is the most formidable force of our lives and can inspire either fear or faith. The supreme power of our beliefs is often overlooked and unutilized. Life is based on beliefs. What we believe can change our lives either for good or for worse. The foundation of our existence is based on what we believe.

We all have encountered countless negative doctrine of analogy that our mind has absorbed. It could be in a book we read, during thought exchange or in the actions of other people.

And because of our experiences, we frequently become trapped in this mirage called fear.  This fear emanates when we allow the trials of life to shatter our confidence and morale.

Believing Believing

What we believe is powerful whether right or wrong. When our belief system is wrong, we become the shadow of ourselves; trapped, frustrated and defeated. While, right-believing illuminates even our sub-conscious mind; propels us to keep moving, strengthen our confidence and give us victory at the end.  

You cannot succeed if you do not believe in your dream. When the level of your belief is profound, you will have the right attitude towards life. Our beliefs comprise supposition we make about life and how we intend things to be. One can predicate human belief-system on what they see, read and hear while seeking answers for the fear of the unknown.

This belief-programming was activated since we were young by our parents, peers and religious leaders, teachers, our cultures, the mass media etc. We were told the world was round and so we believed it.

Our core belief system has been formed and established on countless events and experiences we accept as right or wrong. So we hinged on what we were told about life. Your belief either empowers or limits you. Beliefs create a vision, build resilience, give strength to your will and clarify your purpose. Whether we like it, we all are driven by what we believe.

Our mind holds many abilities. It is more powerful than any tech mechanism and can achieve almost anything. Your body follows your mind so you must engage your mind to succeed in anything you want. What are you doing with your mind? Take advantage of the incredible power of your mind and explore your imaginations with the right belief. If you keep on believing you can achieve something, then it will become real to you.

Watch out for the thought you absorb and process because incessant wrong beliefs can turn the mind into a cesspool of depression and depravity. Eliminate all negative limiting thoughts and set them ablaze with the fire of focus and determination.  Learn how to know of wrong thoughts when they set in and separate your mind from it. Learning how to control your beliefs is the most formidable thing you can do to live life to its fullest.

Right believing is not a feeling but a choice. All you need is to believe in yourself. You can be Rich, Poor, Beggar, Master, Servant, Boss, Entrepreneur etc if you believe you can.

You will encounter the fierce storm of life and will be challenged. But if you can be still with your legs firm on the ground; maintain your right beliefs and allow the storm to pass, you will surely find the right creative initiatives that will help you navigate the waters and sail through the hurdles of life.

 Explore the power of right believing and change your life for good.

 © 2018 Justina Samuel-iwok. All rights reserved.

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