We are all product of our choices.

There is power in choice both as a word and its essence.

Over the years, I have come to realise that the ability to choose is a gift.

And that is the reason God gave you a free will to choose.

The question is: “What are you doing with your ability to choose?”

We often go through life with a deceptive mindset that “A beggar has no choice, whereas the truth is that a beggar has a choice and can choose not to beg.”  

You have a choice to be who you are called to be and not what the world wants you to be.

You are who you choose to be, whether a beggar or a giver, a servant or a master; a winner or a loser.

Choose the life you want to live. The quality of your choice now will determine the outcome of your future.

 It’s never too late to dream. You can start now by exercising your power of choice.  

It’s never too late to be successful. If you are focused, nothing can keep you away from your dream.

Guess what, “What if you decide not to dream?”

Then you will fall prey to helping others achieve their own dreams.

Don’t be discouraged that your dream is bigger than your present situation.

It shows you have a glorious future.

Keep doing what you know how to do.

Learn new skills and keep standing.

Help will come along the way, but you have to push with all your strength.

Boss up and conquer your world. It is will be a wise choice if you live in the sky and choose not afraid to fly with the Eagles. Rather than live the life of a coward all the days of your life.

Play out your bravery by exercising your willingness to take risks and dare the odds.

You will not maximise your life if you keep letting the world and your circumstances to decide for you.

Make use of your power of choice and make the best of it.

Go through the journey of your purpose where your destiny lies. That you can choose should propel you to choose bravely regardless of the circumstances huddling around your options.

Sometimes we are afraid to make a choice because they are just too hard to make and too heavy to shoulder with the anxiety that something might go wrong.

I believe if you walk closely with God, He will assist you to make the right choice.

Your future is in your hands!

I am Justina Samuel-Iwok telling you today to be bold; you have a glorious future ahead.

Have a great day.

© 2018 Justina Samuel-Iwok. All rights reserved.

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