“Until you desire to learn and rise above the mentality of a mediocre, you can never do exploits in your field of endeavour,” – Temitayo Abudu

Ignorance is no excuse for anyone who wants to make a difference in what they do. Most especially in a world where information is readily available. This being the case, then you’ll agree with me that being ignorant in a time like this can only be deliberate on the path of many.

Before we dive into discussing the cost of Ignorance, it is important to understand the meaning of Ignorance so we can put this article in the proper context.

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Ignorance refers to the condition of being uninformed or uneducated about, a subject, a cause, an endeavour, etc. It also refers to a lack of knowledge or information. While the word “price” refers to the cost required to gain possession of something. It can also mean the cost of an action or deed.

Therefore, the price of ignorance is the undesirable reward of your inability to add value to yourself through adequate and valid information.

The world is constantly changing, nothing remains static, so as humans, we must be dynamic in our thinking and approach to our daily lives and taking proactive decisions to leave the comfort zone of our ignorance.

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The antidote to ignorance is knowledge, according to my introductory quote above, if you don’t learn you will never do exploit in your field of endeavour.

Most times the difference between the rich and the poor is their level of information to the secret of wealth.

For instance, two students may sit for the same examination but both of them will not have the same grades, the difference is their level of information, preparation and willingness to pay the price.

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I need to note that, there is also a price to be paid for you to acquire knowledge, and it does not always come cheap, no matter the price of knowledge ignorance is more expensive.

Dear reader, many are where they are today because they refused to move out of the comfort of their ignorance. Do not belong to the camp to mediocrity, move out of your ignorance, and let the hunger of knowledge eliminate your ignorance. Thrive to learn, unlearn and relearn.


Invest in personal development in all aspect of life, do not be limited to what you learnt last year, new things evolve daily. If you refuse to follow the wise words I’ve cited above, then you will pay the price of ignorance.

The following are some of the prices you’ll pay because you chose to be ignorant:

1. You Will Become a Mediocre: 

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Ignorance will reduce you to a mediocre both in thinking and actions. And you cannot do exploits in your field of endeavour. This means you will not make any impact on your generation. Such a life is one that is not worth living.

2. People Will See You as a Liability:

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Ignorance will make you become a liability to your circle of friends, family, colleagues and your world at large.

3. Live in the Past: 

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Living a life of Ignorance makes people live in the past, while others are far ahead of them in life. Ignorance will make you will remain in the mirage of the past.

4. You’ll Experience Death:

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Sometimes people die because of their ignorance, in fact, some even kill themselves because they are not knowledgeable or well informed on how to handle their predicament. So they decide to commit suicide.

In conclusion, whatever the price of knowledge; it is far better than the price of ignorance.

Be better than who you used to be, learn and always search for something new. Read books, search for information, read research works, develop a curious nature, ask questions when you are not clear about an issue.

Don’t be scared to ask questions, remember no one is an island of knowledge.

Thanks for reading through. 

Author: Temitayo Abudu

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