“Until you take a conscientious effort towards life, nothing about you will ever be in order,”…. “ He who does not feel guilty about the evil he does, is living under inactive conscience,” – Temitayo Abudu

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, a conscience is a part of your mind that tells you whether your actions are right or wrong. 

From my perspective I see conscience as an invisible part of a human and a universal judge is with no iota of partiality. Our conscience gives us direction towards doing what is right; it also questions our wrong motives and actions.

No one on earth is without conscience. The creator gave us a conscience so we can adjudge for ourselves what is right or wrong. The human conscience is so powerful that an attempt to silence it will invariably lead to a sudden failure. I mean failure in business, marriage carrier and life.

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Think about it!

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Men and women separated and divorced in a marriage because of adultery would have one time or the other in their marriages have their conscience tell them that the journey of adultery they were about to take might destroy their homes. But guess what, they responded like most people; they silenced their conscience and went ahead.

The arm robber that got caught stealing had a conscience that told him to stop after he succeeding in his first trip, but he disregarded that voice. So we all know how it ends. It ends in failure.

“As I was thinking about the power of conscience, I realised that until we take steps to mind our conscience when it speaks our life may end up in disarray more so I realized that those who have a good and active conscience will have more success in all their endeavours.” – My thought

Some people view conscience as a judge that accuse them or their wrong motives and actions. 

Your conscience stays with you until the last minutes of your life. It never leaves even though some of silenced theirs.

Don’t deny the existence of your conscience, despite it being silence it is very much alive in you. 


Also conscience is one component of the human soul that tells us what is good or bad.

As come to the end of this article, I have a question to ask:

“Does conscience die?”

Hmm! Pause and think about this for a while.

Dear amiable, you cannot kill your conscience it can only be deliberately silent and inactive because it is part of your soul. 

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For you to avoid operating having an inactive conscience, you must be courageous enough to value your conscience, know your core value and follow it religiously, avoid being a victim of low self esteem.

Above all, if your conscience evaluates your decisions to be wrong. I beseech you to have a change of mind. Please, do that which is good and embrace the sincere assessment of your conscience.

 “Your conscience is powerful”

“Your conscience is impartial”

“Your conscience is your sincere friend”

“Your conscience checkmates all your decisions, therefore it is important to embrace it wholeheartedly”

 Thank you for reading.…

Author: Temitayo Abudu

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