Written by: Temitayo Abudu

Knowing what you want is in direct proportion to knowing who you are” – Temitayo Abudu

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 Those who do not know what they want in life may not really know who they are.

The bottom line is do you have an identity?

Identity according to the English Advanced learner Dictionary means who or what somebody or something is. It is the characteristics, feelings or beliefs that distinguish people from others.

Therefore, if you have an identity it gives you the courage to pursue your goals and aspirations in life, also having an identity helps you to overcome the danger of low self-esteem.

Many do not really know what they want in life, and some may even know what they want but due to lack of identity, it becomes more difficult to achieve their dreams.

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For instance, I have come across some individuals who do not even have a plan for their future, they only go to bed at night after the work of the day, and if at all some of them have any and wake the next day only to start off the day and week without any meaningful plan. This goes on year in year out.

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 “The outcome of such individuals who do not have identity will only be a mirage in the palace of destiny and great accomplishment”.

Nevertheless, as we get set for the New Year and beyond, this is the right time to put your life in alignment towards the actualization of your purpose.


Therefore, never joke with your life, this is the time to look inwardly and discover who you are, and once you are able to solve the identity problem, and then ask yourself the sincere question; what do I want in life?

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As for me, I want to make a positive difference and as well as impart my world through public speaking and selfless service to humanity. This I must pursue tirelessly without any iota of discouragement.

“Discovering what you want and identifying the power behind your individualism will give you inner joy and fulfilment”.

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Remember, it is not about mere wishful thinking. It is all about having a strong will and desire to achieve your goals and aspirations in life. See you at the topmost top.

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Believe in God. 

Believe in yourself.

Never give up on what you want.

The world is earnestly waiting for your manifestation. 

Because you are created to be a solution and not a problem”.

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