“A man without a vision is likely to die unfulfilled working to fulfill other people’s vision,”- Temitayo Abudu

What is a written vision?

To enable us to have a better perspective of this article it is necessary to simplify the meaning of vision and why there are significant benefits attached to making it clear.

A vision is a unique, distinctive, and a project that you see in your heart which fulfills your mission in life.

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Vision helps you to picture the purpose and mission of your life before its manifestations.

Vision activate the real you and put you to work.

Having your vision written gives your life a direction.

A written vision gives you the correct directions and coordinates you need to follow to get to your desired destination.

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 It gives you the inspiration and motivation you need to push through life’s toughest challenges.

Reasons Writing Your Vision Is Paramount

There is eminent power in writing your vision. 

For instance, an architect pictures a building put it into drawing before taking to the field for execution. 

The same applies to our life.

It is also important to have your vision written as it gives you the courage and reminder towards the attainment of your life purpose. 

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Making it to the end of an assignment is more important than the assignment. 

I say this because most people start very well but finish very poor.


We all have a specific purpose to fulfill on Earth, though it may be different the result is to glorify God.

Therefore, vision is required to make the fulfillment of our purpose a reality.

Having said these, please note that writing your vision is necessary because;

It empowers you to clarify your life’s direction

A written vision plan empowers you to construct and clarify your life.

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 It gives you the inspiration and motivation you need to move forward even in the face of fear

 It is axiomatic to note that no one can be inspired to write a vision without having a solid relationship with his/her creator.

God is the source of all true visions.

Every vision is for an appointed time, therefore understanding your timing is important,

There is power in a written vision, because:

1. A written vision allows you to say YES to what matters most and NO to those activities detrimental to your vision.

2. It helps you to know where you are because you already know where you are going

3. Prepares you for a better future

4. Serves as a road map

5. Makes you stand out from others

6. It gives you the desired courage to face any challenges, no matter how tough.

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Vision places you on the right path.

When you write and implement your vision, you can rightly influence your world.

Nothing can stop a man with vision, who has God as a great backup. Except for unbelief and lack of confidence in self.

Once you have discovered the purpose of God for your life, then you can deduce the vision that your life will run with.

Above all, your vision is what you see and expect to accomplish what you desire and aspire to have what you want.

Author: Temitayo Abudu

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