The extensive nature of this subject made it imperative for us to look at the discussion from another perspective.

I had this view but was bent on doing justice to the first perspective.

Last week, I pointed out the need to be driven by a vision.

Today, I’m taking a unique view of the issue because of the remarkable point noted by one of our amiable readers.

Light Searh

The woman making frame round the sun with her hands in sunrise,Future planning idea concept.

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She indicated that some people have their vision buried in others. And that not all visions are independent, but everybody sees. As you help to fulfill the vision of others that is when yours open up more.

Spot on, she can never be more correct!

This brings us to the discussion of today.

But before we continue, let us consider the meaning of “Vision”.

An online dictionary puts the meaning as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

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Vision is making use of your imagination to see possibilities for the future.

I cannot overemphasize the concept of vision and putting it into writing in this 21st century, where distraction and lack of self-worth become the order of the day.

Endless road

Define what you want

We all must understand that sight is given to everyone, but a vision has to be deliberate.

And because I agree with the opinion of our reader above, I must note this point that even when your vision is buried into the vision of others, you cannot actualize it if you are not aware of it.

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You will agree with me you cannot use what you are ignorant about.

Yes, we all have the physical eyes to see; an inner desire for change must drive you to see your vision come through.

That is the difference between someone with a vision and another who is yet to be aware of having a vision.

Here comes the big question: “Can your vision be buried in others?”

The above question is calling for an answer.

Yes, most people start not being aware of what they want to do because they are not self-aware.

So along the way, they get drafted into a team and they get to fulfill the vision of that project.

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Guess what, if that project is what this person is passionate about what they get to experience an epiphany that leads to discovering their vision.

Only a few people get to find their vision through this means.


I say this because necessity drives most people and not a passion, so they will rather stick with a project that lacks direction as long as it pays the bills.

Vision is a project you see in your heart distinctively designed to help you fulfill your mission.

Having said these, in part one of this article, I stated why and how powerful it is to write your vision.

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Let me further emphasize that you must not permit the enormity of your vision to dissuade you from writing it down and taking action.

Writing your vision is so important, it serves as a guide and road map, and enhance your commitment towards the actualization of your purpose, mission, and vision in life.

It’s all in your hands

Your vision should not be based on what you have or do not have, what others say or not say, how much money you have or not, or what your background looks like.

In conclusion, it was the vision of flight that inspired the Wright brothers to invent the airplane. It was the vision of light that pissed Thomas Edison to invent the light bulb.

It was the vision of giving every person access to people-friendly software that inspired Bill Gates to develop and invent the Microsoft global empire.

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You also should be inspired from within, look inward, enquire from your heart what it is God has envisioned you to become.

In as much we all have a unique vision, that vision must be discovered individually, written to run with for the benefit of all.

These are my humble thoughts.

Thank you for reading through.

Author: Temitayo Abudu

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