According to an online dictionary talent means natural aptitude or skill. Talent is what you do naturally with no complaint, which gives you fulfillment.

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It is what you do, not because you are forced you to do it, but because you are passionate about it. But the big question is; have you discovered your talent and how much time are you dedicating to it? Therefore, it is high time we discover and improve our talents as individuals.

For that is the avenue at which we can be fulfilled in life.

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I need to put it to you that you must continuously work on your talent for better improvement. You need to note that your education can give you the exposure, but your talent will announce you to your world. To discover your talent is to look inward and examine yourself, identify that thing you love doing,  without complaint. Even when it is not convenient, you are always happy doing it. That is your talent.


How to Improve Your Talent

1. Aspire to know more (be thirsty for practical knowledge)

2. Be professional in your approach and thinking.

3. Keep trying your best by working on yourself development

4. Gain new skills that support and enhance your talent.

5. Have a unique brand

You need to note that talent alone is not enough to succeed in all sphere of life. You must back it up with the following attributes; Positive attitude, Taking responsibility, Adding value to yourself and working on your brand.

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“Your worth will one day announce you to your world”

Drawing from the inspiration above, once you can discover and constantly work on your talent, you become a product with a price tag then people make demands on you in exchange for what they have.

Little wonder Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and other talented footballers of this 21st-century cost so much.

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Great thought plus talented hands produce great works, great works commands great attraction and attention, and great attraction commands great demands…

If people are not demanding for what is in you yet, it means you have not taken your talent serious.

Don’t wait for the talent to become perfect before you embrace it, that perfect time will never come. Now is the time to start.

“You cannot be loaded and not be needed”


Author: Temitayo Abudu

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