“In the school of influence, the information at your disposal will determine your level of relevance”.  Temitayo Abudu

The aforementioned quote is often taken for granted by most people. They forget the popular anonymous saying that quotes: “Those who refuse to learn cannot be known.” This popular quote highlights the importance of acquiring information.

According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, information is the facts or details about something.

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Information also means things that are or can be known about a topic; communicable knowledge of something.

Therefore, for anyone to achieve their desired goals in life there is a need for willingness and hunger to acquire information.

There are various platforms that create opportunities for the actualization of our goals and aspirations in life.

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For instance, many have the dream of becoming the most successful businesses personality, politician, doctor, lawyer and pilot just to mention a few, yet do not seek relevant information in relation to their chosen career.

“Reading enhances your level of Information, never neglect its potency”


It needs to be noted that there is information that is not relevant to your field or to the blessedness of your purpose. Avoid such contaminating information capable of causing regret and sorrow to your future.

You must be deliberate in engaging your mind in constant research and critical thinking.

I have a question for you:

“When last do you ask questions about your career?”

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“What steps have you taken towards the actualization of your dream?”

“Are you still celebrating and lost in the euphoria of yesterday’s glory?”

Until you ask more questions about your career, you will remain irrelevant and outdated.

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If you are not current, you can never be correct.

Bishop David Oyedepo says, and I quote “Information makes the difference in the school of success”.

To be a success in your career be informed

To remain relevant in life get relevant information

To make a positive difference in your world you must be adequately informed.

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However, getting that valid information is not enough, you must be able to apply them approximately, and because of knowledge without application is a waste.

Above all, one password of success is adequate information, once you can get the right information with a sincere heart towards its application, the door of success will definitely open for you.

See you at the topmost top.

Author: Temitayo Abudu



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