“Anyone who does not work out his intention in the journey of destiny will end up in great agony on the day of reckoning” – Temitayo Abudu

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, intention means what one intends to do. While Graveyard means a piece of land where the dead are buried. And can also be referred to a final storage place for collections of things that are no longer useful or useable.

 Intention also means a planned action or goals yet to be executed. We all have good intentions to accomplish our desired goals, but not everyone will activate the blessedness of their intention. Hence, end up killing that great intention of theirs.

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So we can say a graveyard of intention means goals and plans that are no longer useful, to the individual who is the carrier of the intention and the society at large. 

Anyone living should not belong to the category of people who do not act out their intentions.

And it starts with “Don’t just think only, act and decide to work it out”

The Graveyard Of Intention

It is no longer news that the year 2019 is going to an end, and the year 2020 is fast approaching. Do not remain in the camp of wishful thinkers who never make things happen; rather they only hope things happen.

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Start working out your intentions, start small the most important thing is to end well and stronger than you started.


 “Find out what you want most in life and go after it”

Many are where they are today because of their inability to work out their intention, and due to lack of courage to actualize what they intend getting out of life, they become frustrated and unproductive.

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Napoleon Hill says and I quote, “striving for success makes you better able to attain it. Doing nothing and accepting failure only bring more failure your way”

Stop wishing, start acting. Stop procrastination, start taking meaningful action.

Until you move nothing will ever move

Move the unmovable, then you can do the impossible.

“Ideas are worthless. Intentions have no power. Plans are nothing unless we follow them with action. Do it now!”. – Michael E. Angier

Author: Temitayo Abudu

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