……..”Amid all your problems, there lie possible solutions” – Temitayo Abudu

God created the Earth, and the essence is for humans to dominate and exercise control over everything both living and non-living things.

However, there are forces operating on Earth that can make our planet very dangerous. The weather that makes the Earth liveable can also bring harm to Earth’s inhabitants.

The rains that allow crops to grow can also bring floods and ice storms that cause devastation. The winds that cool us can also form storms such as tornadoes and spread wildfires.

Volcanoes that produce new crust can also burn on entire cities are in the path of an eruption.

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Drawing from the above scientific proof and relating the illustrations to our personal life; in the journey of life we would experience some unpleasant situations, be it marital, academical, financial and career-wise, just to mention a few. It should be noted that those unpleasant situations are inevitable and how we respond to you then will determine how strong we are.

It is believed that we all have one aspiration or another, which forms the basis of our daily decisions. Before those aspirations could come into reality, we might be faced with situations caused by forces operation on Earth.

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Some of those forces include: failure, promise and fail, retrogression, denials, physical disability, intellectually deficient, a failed marriage and other unfavourable circumstances.

Most times, we do not pray for what we are passing through, but the inevitable forces operating on the Earth brought them to us, as stated above.

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I would like you to know that the people we trusted most, betray us. Do not be overly disappointed, they have been caught by the forces operating on Earth.

Your parent can as well dump you, your spouse can abandon you for someone else, your best friend may not believe in you, your environment may appear undesirable and the government of the country could be unfaithful


There is good news…… The aforementioned forces will still work in your favour, if and only if, you will keep faith in Providence, believe in yourself.

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You may go through ice storms in your life, but alas! Victory is certain, do not give up yet.

Above all, I also like you to know if you give on your goals and aspirations in life. Life becomes miserable.

Face your  challenges

Challenge your challenges

Because until you travail

You cannot prevail.

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