We are often misunderstood, condemned, judge etc. because we stand out. There is something about you that makes you different. Find it! Improve it! Utilize it! And own it! You are born with brilliance; the more you are aware of it and utilize it, the brighter it shines. The brilliance in you is greater than you. Your brilliance is incredible. The world needs “Brilliance! The world needs you! You are an exceptional being. Take a minute and meditate on how unique you are. Try to project your consciousness into the bigger picture of who you want to be and live there. You got to know who you really are and know what you’ve got (i.e., your skills, talents, gifts, intelligence etc.) and own them. Knowing who you really are and what you’ve got, gives a great sense of fulfilment. If there is any significant fact that history has taught me, is the fact that Man has power and dominion over all things in the world. Animals do not possess such power. Over the years, man has made great significant advances and will continue to make even more. We are created with great ability that surpasses even our own understanding. It is surprising how we are often quick to give up on ourselves and our dreams at every slight sting of failure and challenge. Believe it or not, failure is a catalyst for success. It is part of the learning process. Fail and learn! You are much more than you think. There is a yearning in your heart that screams you can do more. It’s time to start shining with the gifts and abilities that you are born with.

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To do this; You need to be physically, emotionally and spiritually fueled and supported by the ONE who created all (God). The “GOD” factor should never be overlooked. God exists. He alone can strengthen our weaknesses. Making a conscious endeavour to improve our brilliance is a motivational step we have to keep at because we become better at what we repeatedly do. Never let anyone or anything dim your brilliance.

We make things happen not only when we recognize our responsibility but when we own our abilities. Therefore, there is a constant need to recognize our responsibility to grow and develop our brilliance to its full potential.

You can ascertain who you truly are when you recognize yourself from the inside.

 Who you are not: You are not your emotions ( I’m peaceful, I’m endearing, I’m hot-tempered), you are not your feelings ( I’m depressed, I’m in love, I’m confused), you are not your past ( I’m a failure, I’m unlucky, I’m a quitter I’m a nobody), you are not your looks (I’m beautiful, I’m skinny, I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m old), you are not what people think of you but who God says you are.

Just in case you have forgotten who you are; here is a reminder: You are wonderful. You are brilliant. You are incredible.  You are great. You are a genius. You are amazing. You are extraordinarily powerful. Bring it on!

It is time for you to live and work with the mindset that you are the brilliance the world needs. What you do with your brilliance is up to you.

Your brilliance count!

Written by: Justina Samuel-Iwok

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