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If you want to impact lives, then you must master the art of intentional leadership.

Good things don’t just happen at the snap of your fingers; they require planning and premeditation.

Great things happen when you take intentional strides towards achieving your goals and purpose.

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Leadership is never accidental, but intentional.

Leadership is purposeful only when you acknowledge that you have been called to lead.

After acknowledging, you need to plan, study and discover all you need to learn to move your followers from where they are to where they should be.

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A good leader must learn to sacrifice, this is one attribute of a great leader.

The world is searching for competent leaders with a burden to change the prevalent situation of pain, poverty and the confusion in the world. Only a few people have taken up this challenge.

This is so because people subjugate their leadership responsibility out of the fear that people will hate them.They are also afraid that they might lose their lives in the process of championing a cause.

People who think this way have not acknowledged their call into leadership. They feel they are not good enough owing to their present predicament. 

Good leaders are models of rectitude. They esteem their integrity and will not waver no matter what is presented before them.

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You abrade people’s trust in you every time you shatter your promise. It is better not to make a promise you will end up breaking. Intentional leaders are patient and are prepared to handle challenges.

An essential tool of life that a good leader must use is wisdom. While is pertinent that a leader should acquire knowledge, wisdom is the application of knowledge in the right way. And true wisdom comes from God.

A good leader recognises this and ensures he maintains a keen relationship with God. Wisdom can also be gained over time because of accumulated knowledge and experiences.

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Leadership starts by springing from the heart and a burden to help others solve their challenges. Real leadership is about having the right heart to lead selflessly.

You can start wherever you are and contribute in your own little way. It is not about you accomplishing great things, instead, it is about your willingness and readiness to help people within your sphere of influence accomplishes great things with their lives.

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Leaders focus on helping their followers grow.

Good followers become good leaders while bad followers become bad leaders.

It is leaders that determine the success of any organisation, state, community, etc. 

A headless nation is a heedless nation.

The body cannot function without the head; likewise, an organisation cannot succeed without leaders.

Show me a great nation and I will show you a nation ruled by great leaders.

Every nation ascends or descends based on its leaders.

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Intentional leadership is necessary for everyone with a vision.

Without knowledge and intentional leadership, you will not progress with your vision.

A good leader seeks to transform his followers. True leadership is not a matter of acquiring titles but working on people to become better as they achieving their life goals.

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When I embarked on writing articles every week, my aim was to inspire and impact lives. It never occurred to me that I will also be inspiring and impacting my life as well.

In all honesty, these articles have been a great source of encouragement and inspiration to me in many ways than ever. By changing and helping others, you are changing and advancing yourself, thereby enabling you to attain a higher level of significance.

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