According to an online dictionary, influence means the power to affect and control something. It is the authority on the development of things and the evolution of human behaviours.  Having authority over your decision or on the decision of an individual around you is a responsibility that cannot be forced. Rather, it requires a sincere and constant improvement of rational evaluation.

In the palace of influence, it is the content and efficacy of your message that matter, not the number of words”.

The discovery of “Nothing good and ever happened by accident” is an attestation of conscious and deliberate efforts towards making progress in life.

Overall, there are seven major laws of influence which can help humanity gain total control of their influence upon their application into everyday life. 

The Law of Self-Discovery.

This law evaluates human potentials and capability by accessing different aspects of human nature to influence the immediate generation. Everyone who wants to become influential must take time to ask personal questions of “who”, “why”, “when”. “what”, “where” and “how”.

You must first discover your purpose in life and also understand your potential because it is impossible to give what you don’t have.

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The Law of Potency and Content.

Working on your value and techniques is an integral part of becoming influential. It becomes imperative to give your best in developing your potential.

The Law of Association.

The ideology of influence is strongly linked to the power of association. It is a popular opinion that “your network determines your network”. This means that your association will determine the tenacity of your influence. 

Moving with the right people enhances your capacity to influence your immediate environment and the world at large.

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The Law of Good Communication Skill.

Effective communication skill is an unlabelled quality that uplifts the human’s influence. If your communication pattern is not solid and valuable, living an impactful life becomes challenging.

Many people often neglect this aspect. However, It is very essential towards making your positive influence.

The Law of Positive Behaviour.

Behaviour is the accumulation of attitude capable of defining your ultimate progression and coverage. It highlights and suggests the value of your association and influence. This means that an invaluable influence cannot emanate from unproductive behaviour.

The Law of Value Addition.

Solving people’s problems and creating value enhance influence and dominance. People are easily influenced by value addition and are ready to replicate that with respect and submission.

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The Law of Consistency.

Consistency is the show of perpetual value and competence. To become influential is to be consistent in the provision of value because the world will not cherish your talent, gift or ideas if you do not consistently offer it. Keeping on a track of consistency attracts improvement and quality, which are a good quality of influence. 


Conclusively, everyone has the trait to influence the universe from anywhere around the world especially putting the laws into use in everyday activities starting from our home, community and country. 

The world awaits your innate potential capable of making a positive difference.

Thank you for reading through.

Author: Temitayo Abudu.

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