“Life is not static, things are changing. Despite the changes, you will only survive, If you quickly develop the capacity to adapt,” – Temitayo Abudu

It is no longer news that things are not the way they used to be.

Most notably in the ephemeral changes we experience every day in the use of technology.

Since we know that these changes must happen then we must learn to adapt.

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While searching for the meaning of the word adaptation, I realised that it is a scientific word.

That alone caught my attention then I decided to further my research. The findings of my research led to writing this piece.


The question that may run through your mind as I bring to your consideration this same word that cut my attention will be: “What then is the meaning of adaptation?”

According to an online dictionary, adaptation is the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment. 

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Scientifically, any living things that cannot adapt to a changing environment will die.

On this note, if as human beings we want to remain relevant in our world, career, finance, relationship and society, then the onus is on us to learn how to quickly adapt to the situations around us.

Please note that the human body has adaptations features that empower it to live in different environments. We must understand that a situation can either turn out to be good or bad based on our response or reaction, which can both be traced to adaptation.

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Many talents, ideas and businesses have gone into extinction because of the inability of the bearer or owners of the ideas to adapt. I, therefore, implore you to always be ready because the world is not static. Change is the only constant factor in life.  And your attitude to adapting to the situations around you will determine whether you will survive the change.

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As I drop my creative pen, the above assertion will be meaningless without mentioning ways you can remain suitable and relevant in this changing dispensation.

The following are ways you can remain relevant and also become a blessing to others…..

1. Engage in constant research

2. Seek knowledge

3. Be teachable

4. Never stop adding value to yourself

5. Learn to always evaluate yourself

If you want to remain relevant in this 21st century, then you must embrace adaptation because it is inevitable. “The living things that cannot adapt to a changing environment often perish, but the living things that make the best adaptations have the best chance of survival”.

Written by: Temitayo Abudu

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