Sunny Neji

Sunny Nejis active involvement in music began at an early age. As a boy he participated in cultural performances in his hometown Ishibori in Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross River State Nigeria. His simple persona, pleasant aura and humble character plus his outstanding endowments in terms of music, make him an irresistible package as a performing and recording artiste. His versatility in singing and songwriting is something remarkable.

Writing original materials, has been a part of him since he discovered the inseparable chemistry between him and music. His journey thus far has witnessed a lot of career-intimidating challenges but, surviving the odds is no longer a question for a man who is determined to make the world feel his impact. He has laid a strong foundation with his music and he preaches Love, Peace, Togetherness, Respect, Tolerance and very often he makes you want to Dance. He has been able to break all language and communication barriers, with uncommon eclectic musical influences like Marvin Gaye, Barry White,Rex Lawson, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Don Williams, Lionel Ritchie, Oriental Brothers, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and many others who are icons of evergreen music.

By 1987, living in Lagos, he ventured into recording earning a reputation as a unique voice on radio jingles and T.V. commercials. 1991 brought the release of his debut album, “Captain” on EMI. He joined Colours Band and performed as the lead singer for five years. In 1997 he released his sophomore set “Mr. Fantastik”. It won many key awards for the artiste. This singer and songwriter, who has been described by many as “simply extraordinary”, hit the music industry with his third album titled “Roforofo” in October 2000. It was released on GM Intercontinental label. It consolidated Sunny”s position as contemporary highlife premiere protagonist. 

In 2002, Sunny Neji lent a hand and voice to Now Musik”s Touch of Genius: Tribute Album to the Legendary Sir, Victor Uwaifo project and scored again with his re-interpretation of the classic Joromi. He raised his golden voice in a piercing call for support for the victims of the January 27 Ikeja bomb blast with the single, “Victim of Circumstance” and the massive benefit concert at the Lagos Television grounds to mark the first anniversary of the disaster. He also recorded the single Wake up! In 2003 to challenge Nigerians to vote right in the general elections. These special projects help to set the tune for his fourth full-length album “Unchained”, recorded in Ghana released on O”jez Music in 2003. “Unchained” is an album with the necessary make up of a masterpiece and even more. The pre-release singles “Oruka” and “Face me” occupied the number 1 and 2 spots on the charts and rode the airwaves for quite a while.


“Oruka” (wedding band) is one hit amongst others, which can be referred to as a timeless classic as it became an unofficial wedding song in Nigeria. Truly as predicted, over the next couple of years the “Unchained” album, blew up to become one of the most celebrated albums in recent times. These developments set the pace for some of the great milestone achievements that marked the artiste”s career, like being chosen as the icon of Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River State Nigeria, GLO Ambassador, CHI  Ambassador, Nigerian Road safety special Marshal, KORA award winner for the Best West African Artiste in 2005,  COSON song of the decade winner (Oruka), State honor from the Cross River state Government, United Purpose Hand Washing Ambassador, a United Nations Peace Ambassador just to mention a few. After the album UNCHAINED came OFF DA HOOK, PIN NUMBER, TIMELESS, LOVEWINS and lots of singles.

In 2002, Sunny got married to his heartthrob Peace and they are blessed with Children.