Music lovers familiar with popular pop groups in the 50s will doubtless remember The Bee Gees. They were a pop group established in 1958 made up of three brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.

The trio group became successful as a popular music act in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Bee Gees later became prominent during the disco music era in the mid-to-late 1970s.

This successful pop group started from their local district before experiencing so much success. Today, the popular phrase “Start local and go global” is now the in-thing. Even though we know it’s a phrase on every mouth today; the principle has been in operation for a long time.

Listen to their song titled: “Staying Alie”

So we took our time to study how they applied this old principle that has now become one strategy that everyone looking to succeed is applying today.

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1. They Established their Career Choice

An uncertain person can never go global no matter hard he or she presses. The Bee Gees made a definite career decision. Everything step they took gravitated towards making music as a career.

This attitude alone convinced their father who bolstered their every decision. When you are decisive about your career choice, it helps you to be stable and focused. The surrounding people will identify with your new identity. It also opens you to a world of opportunities.

2. The Bee Gees Performed in their Locality

The three brothers established their earliest appearance at a resident theatre in Manchester in 1955, singing between shows. They were at every show in their locality seeking for opportunities to showcase their talent. 

You need to realise that after practising hard in secret as an artist; you need to seize opportunities to perform in public no matter how small it is.

But such opportunities will never come until you first use the surrounding opportunities presented to you

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3. The Group Continued their Act Even in New Territory

Most people change career choice whenever they change territory. To such people, they change like the weather and flow with what is in vogue in their new location.

For instance, they could be a musician in Nigeria and they switch to become Nurse in America. Guess what, such people lose out in their passion and what they are good at doing. This was not the same for The Bee Gees.

The family moved to Australia in 1958, resettling in Brisbane.

4. They Wrote Their Own Songs

When the group started their career they were known as the Brothers Gibb — with Barry writing all their songs.

Their persistence and performance attracted the attention of a local DJ and got their own local television show. It was around this time they took on the name the Bee Gees.

After several trials in Australia, they landed their first hit; “Spicks & Specks”.

While they were in mid-ocean, the song attracted the interest of manager Robert Stigwood.  After gaining Robert Stigwood interest in their song, they returned to England.

5. The Bee Gees Altered their Style

Stigwood signed the trio upon their arrival. Then they reshaped their sound in the environment of Swinging London. Barry and Robin Gibb alternated the lead vocal spot, harmonizing together and with Maurice.

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Barry played rhythm guitar, while Maurice played bass, piano, organ, and Mellotron, among other instruments. Their first English recording, “New York Mining Disaster 1941,” an original by the group released in mid-1967 made the Top 20 in England and America.

They had successful follow-ups with “Holiday” and “To Love Somebody,” the latter written for Otis Redding to record, and “Massachusetts,” which topped the U.K. charts.

6. They Broke into the Global Scene

Their first recordings and follow-ups had got them international attention. The group took over producing their own records.

At this point in their history, they were most comfortable deconstructing elements in the singing and harmonies of black American music and rebuilding them in their style.

The Bee Gees fame was loud and in 1969; the trio split up in a dispute involving the Odessa album. And In 1970, almost two years older and a good deal wiser, they got back together.

They returned with a dazzling song: the soulful “Lonely Days”.  

This was the group’s first number one hit in America. 

The Bee Gees continued to grow more famous releasing songs “Morning of My Life, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Run to Me, Saw a New Morning,” the list continues

And the rest they say is story…

A word of advice for you as an upcoming artiste: “Start from where you are”.


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