This new song released by one of Nigeria’s finest Edo is a song to encourage many in this Covid-19 Pandemic.

Edo reminded us that is not a new thing as it has happened before despite the new name given to it.

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Years ago when it happened, he noted that the world didn’t end in 1918 even though the church and mosque were also locked down.

So there is nothing to fear if we play by the rules by making sure we wash our hands thoroughly, observe social distancing, and stay away from infected people.

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Listen to the song, enjoy, and share.


You can also buy the song from these links:

https://music.apple.com/ng/album/brace-yaself-single/1510710630 (Apple Music)

https://open.spotify.com/album/5XYCF0hMdXc8C1DSzmmkBz (Spotify outside Nigeria)

Get to know more about EDO

Over the years he has written and performed some of the true masterpieces of Nigerian music and through his intelligent and highly articulated lyrics, he has inspired a whole new generation of songwriters.

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His journey on his road to success, however, has by no means been easy. Although born into a middle-class family, his early childhood was fraught with parental problems that resulted in much of his time spent with his aunt in Ondo state Nigeria.

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The arrangement was far from ideal, however, the move was to have a dramatic effect on Edo’s future career; although he has always shown a keen interest in music, the variety of sounds to which he was now exposed opened up a whole new world to the youngster.

Soul, Jazz, and above all R&B and Roll all left their mark. Also around this time, he started singing in Local churches in Nigeria.

You can book him for events on this website: https://stagerave.com.ng/booking-enquiries

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