“Sewo–Anam” is a piece of soul-searching music with an Efik fusion.

Produced by IPmusic lab

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Joan–The King’s Idol reveals her inspiration behind this song.

She writes: “

We live in a world where everyone believes they can do whatever they want.

True, they can; but people should know there are consequences.

Life is a seed, words, and actions alike. After a season of planting, then comes the harvest.

And oh, you will only get what you planted

Good or bad. Both for yourself and your loved ones so, be careful!

Fear God! This is the message in “Sewo-Anone’sam” by Joan-the king’s idol”


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Listen and Buy the song below: http://smarturl.it/JoanTheKingsIdolAyay

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A Sound engineer, songwriter, singer, creative producer, concept producer, philanthropist, lover and believer in all that is good, is a Cross River state born Nigerian based in Lagos…

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