Any artiste that wants to be successful should closely study the success of the Snarky Puppy. The Snarky Puppy Team is a Brooklyn based fusion influenced jam band led by bassist-composer and producer Michael League. Snarky Puppy combines jazz, rock, and funk and has won three Grammy Awards. 

If you have never seen them perform, here is a song featuring feat. Michelle Willis.

This is the success every artiste desire. To achieve this kind of result as an artiste you need to take certain decisions that’ll expose you to opportunities.

One secret of the Snarky Puppy Team was that they signed up with a music booking agency from their early days.

You’ve heard of the success story but didn’t know Rotterdam-based agents Mike Bindraban & Jurjen Mooiweer the principals of Good Music Company brought a whole host of jazz and jazz-related talent including Grammy-winners Snarky Puppy – to massive audiences across Europe.

It is no argument that if you want to grow into stardom, then you need a booking agency to help project your talent and expose you to opportunities.

A booking agency books live performances including concerts, gigs, tours and radio and TV performances for artistes, bands, DJs, choirs, orchestras and other musical ensembles. They build the career of an artiste regarding opportunities and live performances. The decision to hire a booking agent depends on where an artiste is in his musical career and what he hopes to achieve by working with an agent.

Benefits of signing to a booking agency:

Opportunity for Live Shows

Live shows are essential to building a fan base and having an agent on board who can give an artiste a helping hand up to bigger shows, better venues and opening slots for bigger acts can help build the artiste career.

Time Management

Booking tours are time-consuming and involve juggling dates and other details. Using an agent to do the job can create more time for an artiste to work on his music. Agents also sign contracts with promoters that open you to more opportunities. Promoters like working with agents they are familiar with and if a booking agent has existing relationships with them, they’ll book more shows, and perhaps better ones.

They Understand the Terrain

Agents also have connections with out of town venues. They make wise selections appropriate for the promotion of an artiste. Existing good relationships with venues and promoters may help agents get an artiste a better deal for shows that the artiste could have secured on his own.

In fact, since they get a cut of the artiste earnings, it is in their interest to get the best deal for the artiste. That said agents should only come into the picture when an artiste is ready for public acceptance and stardom.

It is important to state that an artiste should ensure he gets value for his money with an agent who can bring something extra to the table for him—better shows, bigger deals, opening slots on high-profile gigs.

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