Drizzle Richards a believer, a Nigerian, a skilful guitarist, a seasoned singer and songwriter, is up with this revolutionary song she titles; The New Me. She reveals that the revelation that inspired her to write the song was the message of the new creation.

In a conversation, Drizzle said in her own words:  “I became his bride when I said yes lord come in but became his “pride” many years later when I actually allowed him to take over, for I slowly realised that it’s a huge difference having the new birth and ‘walking’ in the new birth. When this revelation hit me, I stopped every cheapening act, banished sinful thoughts, discarded unhealthy relationships and embraced His true love. All these were made possible as I buried my self in the study of his word, he did the transforming!.

Now, He tells me that he is pleased, for it brings him glory when I walk in excellence, holiness, love, peace, joy,  health and wealth. I’m his pride, so are you, if you are sold out. ”  Millions of people have this testimony already, and more will still have this testimony. If you are among any of the millions, join me sing: The New Me; It’s Incorruptible, birth by God

Listen and enjoy

Short Bio

Drizzle Richards whose name is Favour Richards, hails from Imo State, though naturalised in Jos, Plateau State, all in Nigeria. She is a very skilful Guitarist, a Seasoned Singer, an Outstanding Song Writer and is the CEO of an Online Learning Outfit called The Music Learning Hub. Drizzle has a Certificate in Music from Panam Percy Paul’s Academy, Jos Plateau State and has a BSc in Philosophy from University of Uyo Akwa Ibom, Drizzle is however currently based in Lagos Nigeria.

Readmore: https://stagerave.com.ng/artistes/drizzle/


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