“Creating value gives you access to the heart of people and makes you immortal in their memories,” – Temitayo Abudu.

What is value?

Values defined in organizational behaviour is the collective conceptions of what we consider as good or bad, desirable or undesirable in a culture.

Also, Value is the monetary, material, or assessed worth of an asset, good, or service.

Value creation is a concept that starts with you because you cannot give what you don’t have.

How to add value to yourself.

Below are strategies you should put in a place that will enable you to create value.

1. Be Original and be yourself

To be amazing in your chosen career, authenticity is important.

Don’t be like anyone else, but be yourself.

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2. Be willing to know more

It’s important that you’re genuinely interested in knowing more about your audience, customers or client.  

This will add value to you and your brand.

3. Be consistent

In the palace of irresistible victory, consistency is the rule of the game.

Integrate your passion into everything you do.

Doing what you know well makes you a sort after personality. Hence, you create value, which makes you a blessing to your world.

4. Engage and maximize the power of social media

Don’t belong to the category of people who only post pictures and wait for likes on social media. 

Rather, post something meaningful that will educate and enrich your audience. 

Let people know what you do on social media. 

It helps you build online influence. 

It further makes people see who you are. 

“You are what you post online”

“You’re a carrier of value, so make yours a good one. Be honest and authentic about the ‘you’ that you present and people will notice”.

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Having said all these, you are now ready to add value to other people.

How to add values to other people

“No one will celebrate your success and consistently believe in it if it does not have a positive impact in their lives”.

1. Charge and lift people with your word, action, and inaction.

Learn to always speak kind words to people around you.

Words bring confidence, positive, and great words help to increase the self-worth of people. 

People who cherish their self-esteem will always feel valued when you are part of those who encourage them to be better and be the best at what they do irrespective of colour, race or Creed.


2. Never diminish people with the word of your mouth, rather than let your conversation be complementing, productive and meaningful

We all need help one way or the other, try to help people in your circle of influence. 

Be a multiplier of greatness in the life of people.

Am not talking about financial help alone, you can also help people when they are going through a difficult moment

3. Learn to appreciate people with gifts, no matter how small


Gifts are a fabulous way to add value to others. 

It is a sign that you really value and appreciate them.

Try to surprise people that matter to you with gifts. 

Even when they never expected it.

In today’s world I have discovered that many people seem to always neglect the rich in terms of gift thinking they have it all.


It may interest you that a little heart of kindness towards them always go a long way because not everyone remembers them, people only thrive to get from them all the time.

“A little heart of kindness can save a life, nothing is too small to give in as much, it’s coming from a genuine act”.

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Share your idea, let people learn from it

Share your resources for people to be blessed

Share your experience so that people can limit their errors

Share your talent and let the world be blessed through you

In giving, there is hope

Giving is an avenue to bless humanity.

Above all, when you create value

You will become a vineyard of blessings to your generation, therefore never stop adding value to yourself and people around you.

Truly givers never lack!

Thank you so greatly for reading through.

I honour you!!


Author: Temitayo Abudu

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