“The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without purpose, then the greatest shame is not revealing your true glory,”- Dr. Myles Munroe.  

The above quote were the words of Late Dr. Myles Munroe. He ascribes shame to people who are yet to reveal their true glory. For him to have said this, then it is important we understand what he meant. 

To give a better perspective to this article, it is critical to define the concept of glory and cloud as used in this article.  

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A cloud is a mass of water droplets or ice crystals so small that the slightest puff of wind can prohibit them from pouring. This definition also holds ground in the spiritual realm which is the aspect of cloud we intend to focus on this piece.  

If we continue to describe it in the natural dimension, you will agree with me we regularly see fluffy clouds moving across a blue sky. 

The colours of clouds at sunset are part of the beauty of nature. This alone make clouds very important and likewise in the metaphysical realm as well.

While the term glory as used in this article is the perfect identity and essence of an individual or a thing.

It is the manifestation and revealing of one’s essential nature through one’s daily actions, work, and initiatives. 

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Manifestation of Glory

“Every great glory has a season of cloud and manifestations of greatness”.

You form your cloud of glory through your daily actions or behaviours.

Your cloud could either be great or dangerous to your world depending on your actions.

You constantly gather a great cloud of glory by your positive behaviour and once it falls, everyone around you will be a benefactor. 

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One can gather dangerous and contaminated clouds through negative behaviour. 

If you corrupt your cloud with daily negative behaviour, it will invariably affect the manifestation of your glory.


No glory is without a cloud, but your actions and behaviour will determine how cloudy your cloud will look. 

Please note it that every cloud of glory has an appointed time of unveiling.

Before your glory could manifest, it is essential to experience a cloudy moment.

When it seems all is not clear enough to forge ahead in life that is when you need to be positive and stay true to what you to do.

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Your appointed time will surely come to pass, in as much you do not pollute your cloud with those things that will destroy your true nature. 


Clouds over our heads

Having said this, the following are signs that show your cloud of glory is about to fall into pleasant places.

1. Revealing of new ideas

2. You will experience the irresistible urge to fulfill the purpose 

3. Your ability to become more productive will increase 

4. You will have the courage to master your environment 

5. Your level of creativity increases

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More so, below are traits that will corrupt your cloud of glory:

1. Procrastination

2. Fear 

3. Intimidation

4. Pride 

5. Discouragement 

In conclusion, my dear amiable reader, your cloud of glory will fall for the benefit of everyone around you if you work out your daily actions consistently. 

The cloud of glory becomes meaningful when you manifest your true identity. 

These are my sincere thought.

I believe in the glory deposited in you by God.

Shine on!


Temitayo Abudu

The Glossophobia

Disruptive Coach

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