Yinka Davies delights her audience with a superb masterpiece titled “Bam Bam Bata”.

The song is a blend of fuji and contemporary sounds with a danceable rhythm.

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If you enjoy the inspiration that comes when a good sound is incorporated with meaningful lyrics, then you’ll appreciate this delightful song that leaves you with an artistic imagination as you listen to it.

The song lyric is a mix of Yoruba and English.

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Yinka Davies (born July 16, 1970) is a Nigerian vocalist, dancer, lyricist and judge of reality show, Nigerian Idol. Yinka has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry for 28 years.

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Background Information

Father – Benin Republic/Sierra Leone Lisabi clan who moved to Lagos because he was originally from Nigeria.

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Mother – from Ikorodu, Lagos State…

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You can book her here: https://stagerave.com.ng/booking-enquiries/

Listen and enjoy. Do share your thoughts with us.


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