The greatest gift you can give yourself is to be self-aware.

When you are self-aware, you come alive; living in the cognizance of maximising your potentials.

The world needs you to discover your identity because it makes you radiate, impact the lives of others and make the world better.

You cannot fulfil your purpose when you have not discovered your identity.

When you are self-aware,  it means you are positioned to achieve anything.   

Being self-aware means letting go of your past and your fears, respecting yourself enough to uphold the future in high self-esteem rather than in an inferiority complex. 

I realise more than ever how much we need to stop living the life that people wants us to live.

We need to stop pretending to be what we are not because we want to get the desired attention and acceptance from others. You need to stop suppressing your ‘authentic self’ to please others just because you want to fit in.  

Until you become self-aware and believe in yourself, you will remain incomplete. Who you are and what you become depends on your readiness to look deep to discover your identity.

As you live every day,  you accumulate thinking systems and ideologies that keeps straining you away from your real selves. But you can deliberately make this stop and focus what really defines you.

When you care less about people’s perception of what they think of you and let go of your demeaning old ways of thinking, then you have taken a major step that will help you discover your identity.

Enjoy the privileged of owning yourself as you learn to love and be yourself.

No level of success can reward or make you fulfilled if you are working the job of someone else’s dream,”. 

Guard the walls of your mind and dream your dream.

I struggled for a decade to discover my identity.

Since I found it, I feel fulfilled every day, compelling me to remain connected with the essence of my existence.

You too can find your identity if you involve God in the search process.

As the Source of Life and the all-knowing God that He is, nothing is too great for Him to find. Follow your own dream and live life to the fullest.                

“Our time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”               

Be nobody but yourself.

Be you and do you.         

© 2018 Justina Samuel-iwok. All rights reserved.


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