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Professionals have described depression as the plague of the 21st century.

Never in recorded history has depression had such a grip on humanity. 

The question is, “Why now in this generation?” 

The answer will shock you because it has been right under your nose ever since.

In fact, it is in your hands right now as you read this article.

It is a combination of two things we use every day.

So what is the primary source of this infamous plague of the 21st century?

Your electronic devices and social media! 

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Sounds crazy right? However, extensive research has shown that the blue light emitted by your phone, PC, and Television affect the production and balance of the hormones Melatonin and Serotonin.

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These two hormones are responsible for the body’s sleep-wake cycle and rhythm and regulate your mood and emotions.

When you expose yourself too to the blue light (radiation) coming from your electronic devices they suppress the production of these hormones. Causing irritability, low self-esteem, constant mood swings, low energy levels, and depression.

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As if that isn’t bad enough, the problem is now compounded by the emergence of social media. 

On a 24-hour basis, most people in the world today live inside their phones; lost in the illusory world of social media. They are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or some other platform.

And what are they doing?

Craig David

Competing with one another to get the highest number of followers, Likes, and Comments. They are taking selfies anywhere and everywhere they find themselves. Sometimes, they chat and snap away, even at the risk of their own lives. 

Social media is not as “Social” as they claim it to be. Otherwise, we won’t be having this repulsive trend in which a person follows you on Instagram for instance, and when you follow them back they unfollow you.

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It is obvious that they are only using you to increase their number of followers on their profile. Nowadays when everything has become plastic, desensitized, and soulless, everyone is looking for vain validation and self-glorification.

People will do anything to get it at any cost; including making themselves look “cool” at the expense of those who follow them online.

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For Instance, this is the reason you will see someone having let’s say 10,000 followers, but then you see they are following only 10 of those people.

The idea is the fewer people you follow in proportion to the number of people that follow you the more refreshing and more essential and desirable you appear. This I think is a load of crap! 

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At first glance, it may look cool to the social system today, but the truth is it indicates that these set of people seeking validation that are crying and reaching out for help.

These are people who are depressed with low self-esteem. They believe that vain validation from other people will solve the problem but unfortunately, it makes matters worse. 

Such people post dozens of pictures almost on a daily basis to see how many Likes and comments they can get. They post only pictures or videos that give the impression they are having the best life imaginable; and that everything is beautiful and rosy for them.

These set of people never post anything about their failures or shortcomings or weaknesses. The world sees them as symbols of perfection and aspires to be like them.

And because what they see appears out of reach, like a distant dream, it makes them desperate, lacking self-esteem as they quickly become infected with the plague of depression.

So like their predecessors, they try everything in their power to gain the same vain validation on social media. Infecting dozens more like them and the cycle continues, spreading like a disease, which is what it is. 

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This is why a lady spent almost Two million Naira to enlarge her buttocks; just so she can get more likes and comments on Instagram. Believe it or not, this one is a true story I heard from a reliable source.

Only God knows how low that young lady’s self-esteem is to make her go to such lengths just to get empty fickle praise from people on social media. 

No, Social media is not what it seems. It is not a platform for social interaction. At least not anymore, it is now an altar for the worship of the ego. It is pure vanity. 

Stay away from electronic devices with a screen i.e. phones, laptop, television etc. and use only when necessary as it is hideous to your physical and mental health. 

We should go back to the basics.

Let us go back to using social media for what it was initially meant for, which is forming strong ties of friendship, family and healthy social interaction.

Let us not post pictures and videos to display our vanity and get vain validation to make others feel we are unique and better than them while the opposite is the case. Instead, we should post pictures and videos for the sake of edifying the minds and spirits of others. 

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I implore you today not to let yourself be lured into this fake virtual world of social media. Do not be deceived by what you see there because 80 – 90% of all you see there is fake. A Coverup for what it is: A platform for Ego worship, avarice, and gain. And each time you post something to get likes; or Like someone’s post, one displaying their vanity, know you are placing your sacrifice of worship on the altar of the collective Ego. Where the Ego prevails fear and desperation abound. And where fear abounds, there will be chaos.

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